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This Is Why

If you're familiar with TED Talks, then you're probably familiar with Simon Sinek and his whole paradigm of "Start with Why". If not, you should be. We strongly suggest checking it out. After checking it out, come back and read this post.

We're a new company, and you may be wondering why you should trust us. Why you should implement Music Technology in your school or program. Why your students need it.

This is why.

The School EYEZ WHY

Anyone who has worked in schools has likely experienced working with students who just don’t want to be there. Most schools have systems in place to make sure that students don’t fall between the cracks, but sometimes some students can’t seem to find their niche. They can’t seem to find that one teacher, that one class, or that one community of learners to which they can belong. Without that sense of belonging, students can begin to feel alienated and ultimately compelled to drop out of school.  In fact, one student drops out of high school in the United States every 26 seconds.

What if all it took was one person or one programor one topic to keep some, most or even all of those students in school? We believe our program, a course called Music Technology facilitated by hip hop legend, Ski Beatz, has the power to do just that. 

Music Technology I by Ski Beatz helps students learn how to use Ableton music production software so they can create music and understand the basics of music production.  Students will engage in interactive chapters within a blended learning environment. Content includes:

video and audio files in which Ski Beatz shows basic software operations and beat making techniques; self-paced learning checks at the end of each chapter; directions and grading rubrics for collaborative research projects and presentations; information and activities to explore music production and beat making as a career, including lessons on virtual professionalism and digital citizenship. At the end of the course, each student receives a “Ski Beatz Certified” certificate to mark their successful completion. 

We believe that this course can give students the confidence they need to finish school by engaging them in a culturally relevant topic to which many can relate.  In fact, there is strong evidence to suggest that engagement in the arts, especially in creating music, can even help adolescents heal from traumatic events. Ski Beatz understands this power of music, and he wants to help bring it to your students.  

Our Music Technology I course for schools has the following benefits:

  • A blended learning design

  • Alignment to the National Association for Music Education Standards

  • Collaborative learning and research projects

  • Integration of literacy skills

  • Transferable skills in Music Production and beat making in Ableton software

  • Learner-managed learning checks at the end of each chapter

  • Instructional videos by and passage read aloud options (read by Ski Beatz).

Our course is still brand new, and we are currently being reviewed by ISTE (The International Society for Technology in Education) for alignment to their standards.  We currently have a presence in schools and organizations in North Carolina and South Carolina. One North Carolina school administrator says, “This is going to change the lives of our students. They’ll come to school just for this.”  A representative from Ableton, the company who producers the music production software we endorse, says, “Curriculum for Music Production does not exist. You guys are on the cutting edge.”

We currently offer our program for $249 per user, but we are also offering flagship and early bird discounts for being the first school or organization with your region to offer the program.  This price also includes a one day, face-to-face training session with a School EYEZ, licensed Instructional Technology Facilitator. The teacher you select to train will earn a certificate to submit for CEU credits after the training.  This package also includes a kick-off face-to-face or virtual visit from the sensei himself, Ski Beatz. 

We also have a nifty referral program; for every school, district, or organization referral you give that results in a program launch, we’ll send you a $250 Visa gift card, no strings attached.  All you have to do is refer us to another school (outside of your home district) or organization, and we’ll do the rest!

We look forward to working with you and your students!

Thanks for reading!

The School EYEZ Team