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Music Technology by Ski Beatz Explained

Greetings from School EYEZ! Since our recent launch, we've had lots of interest in our new, flagship course, Music Technology by Ski Beatz. For those of you who want more information about the benefits of the course, see the course description below. We have also included a link to access the free preview. More information to follow! Stay tuned!


Music Technology I by Ski Beatz Course Description

Music Technology I by Ski Beatz helps students learn how to use Ableton music production software so they can create music and understand the basics of music production. Students will engage in interactive chapters within a blended learning environment. Content includes:

video and audio files in which Ski Beatz shows basic software operations and beat making techniques; self-paced learning checks at the end of each chapter; directions and grading rubrics for collaborative research projects and presentations; information and activities to explore music production and beat making as a career, including lessons on virtual professionalism and digital citizenship. At the end of the course, each student receives a “Ski Beatz Certified” certificate to mark their successful completion.