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Mixing: In the Beginning...

Where did music mixing begin? It's hard to say, really. According to Roey Izhaki, author of Mixing Audio: Concepts, Practices, Tools (a book we reference often here at School EYEZ), what we may think of mixing may have really begun around the 1960s.

Izhaki states: "Like many other new forms of creative expression that emerged in the twentieth century, mixing was tied to technology. It was the appearance of the multitrack tape machine during the 1960s that signified the dawn of mixing as we know it today. Yes, there was a time when having the ability to record eight instruments separately was a dream come true...Equalizers, compressors, and reverbs soon became customary in studios; audio consoles grew in size to accommodate more tracks and facilities" (Izhaki, 2018).

With modern mixing having been around for nearly 60 years, it's a wonder that it hasn't become mainstream as a course for public schools before now. But, that's where School EYEZ comes in. What better way to reach an audience of students that many schools have had trouble reaching for years? What better way to engage students and validate a variety of methods for demonstrating modalities of talent and giftedness?

For an idea of how music technology can be life-changing, check out our recent blog post about Beats, an awesome new Netflix original film. Though it's a fictional story, it captures a truth about youth in America and how making beats can positively influence life.

At School EYEZ, we want to be a part of that.

Our virtual Music Technology curriculum taught by hip hop legend Ski Beatz is set to be released later this month, and in it, we'll be referencing Izhaki's awesome book (image below). Just sit back and watch the magic of music in schools. You're not going to want to miss this.

Want to learn more about Roey Izhaki? Check out www.MixingAudio.com.

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