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How to Make Beats

When you’re interested in learning music technology or how to make beats, it can be an exciting and overwhelming time, especially when considering music production software to use. The good news is that there are lots of people who have been on this same journey of how to make beats, and many of the products out there today have been vetted.

If you trust us and our partner, Ski Beatz, the best beat maker in the industry, the “sensei” of beat making, and the best teacher around for those who want to learn how to make beats, then you should also trust our friends at Ableton. Ableton is what Ski Beats has used throughout his career to make award-winning, amazing, world renowned beats for various artists, including Jay-Z, Foxy Brown, and others. Ableton is also what Ski Beatz used to produce his own albums, including Switched on Bap and 24 Hour Karate School. Whenever Ski Beatz sits down to make beats or teach others how to make beats, he uses Ableton.

Ableton is the best music production software in the industry, hands down.

There are many reasons why we believe that Ableton is the best on the market. One of

Ableton is the industry leader.

those reasons is because Ableton values their customers, from the famous, successful, big time producers and beat makers like Ski Beatz, to those like you (and OUR students) who may be just beginning to scratch the surface on the topic of how to make beats. One way in which Ableton shows their value for beginner beat makers is that they offer a free “playground” on their website to get beginner beat makers, and those who may be new to creating music in general, used to their software interface, basic commands, and even concepts such as beats, tempo, and others. We PROMISE you that if you open up this playground on their website, you’re going to get addicted and you may spend all day “playing” on the playground. We also promise that you’ll learn something about beat making. For free. Seriously. Check it out.

Another way that Ableton shows how much it values its clients, even those who are just starting out, is by offering free downloads. While clients have to pay for the most recent versions of the Ableton software, Ableton offers a free download of Ableton 10 Lite. What an amazing deal! This is absolutely what someone who is just starting out needs to get started, especially if you’re like most artists just beginning and funds are limited at the moment. Once you work through Ableton 10 Lite and you’re ready to move on to greener pastures, Ableton provides a free thirty-day trial of their most recent version of their software, Ableton Live 10. It’s absolutely work checking out. You’ll fall in love, and you’ll never seek another music production software. We promise.

A major reason why we love Ableton is that they value EDUCATORS. The folks down at Ableton even dedicate a section of their website for education and educators. They offer a MAJOR discount (40% off) for educational institutions, which is amazing. What better way to help build the industry than by showing value to the education profession and schools? This is what School EYEZ is all about, anyway.

Want to learn more about Ableton from Ableton itself? Great idea. Click here to check out their blog. It contains lots of great information and advice for music producers and (especially) beat makers. When it comes to your journey of how to make beats, we promise that you can’t go wrong with Ableton. They’re the only ones we trust when it comes to our Music Technology courses and content.

As you start on your way to becoming an awesome music producer or beat maker or both, we hope you’ll love Ableton as much as we do. In fact, we know you will. By the way, if you’re interested in learning some specific techniques on beat making from the sensei of The Dojo himself, Ski Beatz, don’t forget to check out our online course taught by him, available immediately! You’ll be in good hands with Ableton and Ski Beatz.

Thanks for reading!

The School EYEZ Team